About Fujara

"The ancestor of the Detva-type fujara, in both design and acoustic way, is the 3-hole fipple flute. The manufacturing techniques are close to the making of other sorts of shepherd’s flutes. About the history of the fujara little is known, as historic sources from previous centuries are almost none existent. The appearance of the Detva fujara in Central Slovakia in the adjacent Poľany region is unique. Nowhere else, in no other nation, society or tribe, nor any other ethnic group a similar instrument like the fujara is found. Its unique and narrow location of occurrence proves that it was not imported by the Walachian colonists. With some certainty we can state, that the Detva fujara as an individual type of instrument has evolved within the shepherds’s circles in Central Slovakia. Therefore the Detva fujara can be considered a rare instrument and a jewel of the Slovak folkore musical instrument collection."
(Dr. Ladislav Leng)

The depth of the sound, the wood density and precision of labour will appeal in its full essence. People hardly realise, what the vibrations of the lowest registers can do to the human soul. The human subconscious opens up and the universe is within reach.

  • Nástroje
    na objednávku
    do 7-15 dní

  • Možnosť vyryť

  • Píštalky, dvojačky,
    koncovky, didgeridoo

  • Fujary, malé fujarky,
    skladacie fujary

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